Hello, it's me, David.

I am a creative technology executive with over 15 years of experience in leading creative teams across spatial computing, game development and commercial filmmaking. While I was leading Viacom NEXT as the Creative Director of Virtual Reality, my team incubated and developed over 20 award-winning VR/AR projects which exhibited at major film festivals including Sundance and South by Southwest.Aeronaut VR’, a musical Virtual Reality experience featuring Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, clinched the coveted Cannes Lions Grand Prix in the Digital Craft category.

I believe that creativity is best when it’s cross-disciplinary, and have constantly pressed for diversity of thought and background across my teams. Perhaps this was inspired by my career – I am incredibly lucky to have worked in AAA and indie games, directed television and film productions, and led creative campaigns in the advertising world. 

In 2012, I designed and produced Songbird, a location-based narrative experience featuring live actors, short films, and an iOS app which debuted at the Singapore Arts Festival. I was also represented in Australia by production studio KICK KICK PUNCH, where I directed music videos and created content for clients such as the BBC World Service, Ford Motors and SAP. A video I made featuring the kinetic type of Ira Glass went viral in 2011, hitting over 3 million views across Vimeo and YouTube. 

I’ve lived in 5 countries across Asia, Oceania and North America, and have a global perspective that bridges across cultures. I’m fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Most recently I was the Head of Studios at BetterUp, where I worked with an incredible team to build new multi-modal experiences that help people find clarity, purpose and passion. 

I am now on a break to spend some time with my family and to invest a little in myself.


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