Hello! I'm David Shiyang Liu.

I am currently on a personal + family break!

You might have heard of my work as the Head of Studios at BetterUp, where I built a team that created amazing new product experiences.

Or perhaps my time as the Creative Director of Virtual Reality at Viacom NEXT, where I worked with Billy Corgan, MTV, Titmouse Animation, Paramount Pictures, among many others.

Want to chat? Send me some mail!

Selected Work

A virtual reality team built to explore the future of entertainment.

A volumetric capture pop-up stage in
New York City

A musical journey through space and time with William Patrick Corgan

Featuring musical chrome kittens in VR from artist Tyler Hurd

A Tilt-Brush Art Show at The White House, South by South Lawn

A game about destroying cel-shaded furniture in VR.